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Free Explore is free web proxy help you to hide your IP address, secure your internet connection, also allows you to bypass any blocked websites from your government, workplace or school with our free proxy

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A proxy server has a variety of uses which may or may not be used at the same time. One of their uses is that they may be used to filter requests on servers. This feature blocks access to some websites on the internet and are mostly used in schools and companies. In the same way that it can block sites, proxy servers may be used to bypass security for restricted sites. This applies to both ISP restricted and server restricted sites. Another use of the proxy server is protection of the identity of its clients. Since clients connect through the proxy, the servers accessed views the proxy as its client. Finally, the proxy server improves access to resources by caching web pages. People who are connected to the same proxy server may view similar websites considerably faster because the proxy stores the data from the website in caches which are accessed by the users instead of the website itself.

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